Slot Dipping Devices
[MODEL NO. PFCI / SDD / 2062]
This Type Of Hatch Is Used In Order To Prevent Vapor Loss Inside A Fuel Tank In The Process Of Measuring.This System Consists Of Two Parts (Assembled Together).
The Upper Housing Takes A Sample Device Inside And The Upper Lid Is Closed. Then The Lower Housing Lid Opens And The Sample Device Is Dipped In To The Tank. Thus The System Is Completely Closed To Atmosphere.
Generally Non - Sparking Aluminum Is Used For Manufacture.The Lock Down Cover Edges Are Assembled With Rubber O'rings to Prevent Leakage Possibility.
To Ensure Joints And Locks Breakdown Due To Petroleum Vapor And Weather Conditions They Are Manufactured Of Stainless Steel.
Process Connections Parts Are Designed To Be Assembled In Compliance With Ansi Or Bs Compatible Flanges And Are Manufactured In Various Ranges Upto 300 Mm Nb Size.
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