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Emergency Pressure Relief Valve / Manhole Cover Emergency Pressure Relief Valve /Manhole Cover
[MODEL NO. PFCI / EPRV / 2051]
[TYPES : Parallel Guide, Hinged Operated, Spring Operated]
The Importance of Emergency Venting
In addition to the normal venting requirment by the Valve / Flame Arrester. All large size above ground storage tanks need emergency venting caused due to fire in adjoining area. The relief requirements are met by making provision of Emergency Pressure Relief valves as per API standard.
When a fire occure near the storage tank which is having flammable liquid, the heat is transmitted through the tank walls causing the liquid to vaporize more quickly this condition create a relatively high pressure & volume within the tanks vapor space. In the absence of required emergency relief, an explosion could occur, which may have disastrous effect on human life & property.
SIZE : 200 mm N.B. to 800 mm N.B.
Features of Emergency Vent Valves for Higher Safety
Explosion caused by the above condition may be avoided by using PRE'CON Emergency Relief Valve which allows the vapor to release to atmosphere. This Emergency Valves are weight loaded which is closed under normal conditions and open only when the set pressure is attained and release the excessive volume of vapor generated by above condition.
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